MUTAGENY is a plant Virus Mutation Analytics Software built by Shoma Inc.
Using machine learning it correlates impacts of environment, e.g,. Soil Dynamics, Acid Rain, Pesticide or Chemical Usage on pathogen mutation. 

Plant Virus

Soil Dynamics




During the knowledge base build up phase, controlled experiments in the Green House is required. In the first phase only soil dynamics, e.g., soil pH impact is analyzed.

Once the behavior of mutagens are mapped, e.g., soil dynamics (acid rain, leeching, pesticide use), with the mutation rate of the target RNA Virus, the soil condition data from the farm can be ingested on a real time basis. 


Lab Analysis

This is the step where the disease affected cells are cultured to understand if virus mutation is traced and if yes, then how the mutation rate is affected by changing mutagen conditions. 


The mutation detection is done at a plant molecular diagnostics lab using any of the known mutation detection tests, e.g., PCR, Sequencing etc. 


ML Analysis

The lab generated mutation data along with the controlled experiment variables are ingested into the Mutageny software. In the beginning the data ingestion will be through file ingestion. Our proprietary ML software Mutageny can correlate the mutagen impact on the virus mutation rate. 

The goal is to enrich the Mutageny knowledge base in the beginning. After a few years, Mutageny can assist the farmers and the agriculture advisory boards to assist curbing conditions to control plant disease.   



The ultimate goal is to quantify correlation between various mutagens and disease causing viruses in plants and create a repository "Mutageny Knowledge Base". Many environmental changes e.g., soil dynamics, air quality, chemical usage electrical fields from transmission lines can act as mutagens making viruses more resistant to known antidotes.
Initial focus of the study is to analyze the soil pH impact on RNA viruses. Changes in soil pH happen due to leeching, acid rain, pesticide or other chemical usage. The soil dynamics can create stress inside the host cells causing mutation in affecting viruses.    
During the knowledge base build up phase, controlled experiments in the Green House are required. The experimental variables along with the virus mutation analysis data from molecular lab are correlated using a proprietary machine learning software analytics tool called "Mutageny". The experiments are then modified to include different viruses, different plants and different soil conditions.  
Once the knowledge base is ready - correlating plants, diseases, virus mutation rates and impacting mutagens (environmental influences) - the information can be used for predicting plant disease and forewarning new diseases. With time, this knowledge base can tremendously help farmers to protect the plants from disease and ensure higher grain production. 
Food storage is one of the biggest threats to the world in this century and the world population is steadily heading towards 9 billion.


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